My name is Michele Magner


I help women
overwhelm & stress
 of aging family members

with support & information
you need right now


Together We Are Going to Create


Tame drama, take care of yourself guilt-free with boundaries.


Make decisions and a plan.


Know you can handle any situation that comes your way, without eating or drinking your way through.


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We Do This By

Understanding how your mind works, Paying attention in the present moment and Making choices each step of the way.


Life is complicated enough without the many layers that come with helping our aging parents. Managing logistics, family dynamics, and navigating diagnosis can be at the expense of your own health and relationships.
There is a better way;

You can do this, I am here for you

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Meet Michele

  • ​For years I was gifted the privilege of caring for both of my grandmothers and in-laws as they navigated dementia, terminal cancer, senior living, moving out of their houses and everything in between.
  • My years of experience working in Assisted Living Memory Care and Skilled Nursing, combined with my Gerontology, Dementia, Conscious Aging, and Coaching education, provide me with unique insight to help you with your family members’ aging journey.
  • Originally from Brooklyn, NY, and Berkeley, CA, my wonderful husband, Todd, and I are raising our family in Nebraska. I love being in nature, having time with my family, and being physically active. Sometimes I train for races (my first half marathon was May 2021) other times I’m walking my 2 dogs.
  • I changed my relationship with alcohol in 2018, which has completely changed my life.
  • Just like you, I’m navigating all things around aging parents, and I’m honored to be able to share this journey with you!

    I’m SO EXCITED to work with you! Let’s connect!

Hear from My Happy Clients


“Michele is a phenomenal coach and I highly recommend her. Her passion is contagious and her insights are thought-provoking and actionable. She really helped me work through some really big mental blocks in just our first meeting. Do yourself a favor and book a session today!”

-John Vyhlidal, Owner, Unleash Epic

“Where do I begin? I have been working with Michele for over a year. We made small changes and discussed ways of not just managing but understanding things that were making my life more stressful. In that process, we found the phrase “their deal is not my deal” meaning that someone else’s poor attitude and unpleasant demeanor was not my problem to take on. Prior to this I would have internalized, blamed myself, and taken on their mood. All this was going on during the beginning/height of the pandemic. Looking back I think I was depressed, as many people were and still maybe are, and I’m not sure where I would be mentally stable without the support and guidance of Michele.

Fast forward to now. Another focus with working with Michele was my health, I am overweight and had many unhealthy lifestyle practices. Throughout the whole process Michele kept saying at some point everything is going to click, There were a couple of times that I thought I got it. Nope, still hadn’t. Until one day I did. The compounding of everything that we’ve worked on had been building and building and building. It’s still building and I know I have more to do, but I get it now. I woke up one day and said today’s the day. One of the things we talked about was that the changes I wanted to make in my life were lifestyle changes (not a diet). I had a whole new understanding of what that meant.

Today I feel amazing! My lifestyle changes have helped in more ways than I could have thought. I am not in pain every day anymore. I used to take 800mg of Ibuprofen daily. I haven’t taken any since I made the shift. My brain fog is gone, you know that inability to remember words sitting right on the tip of your tongue. I’ve lost 35 pounds and am still going. I have SO MUCH energy!

There’s more but you get the idea.

Thank you, Michele, for all the laughter and tears, the work, the frustration, and understanding. Thank you for sticking with me through it all and believing in me and helping me get to where I am today. You are an outstanding coach and I appreciate everything we’ve been through together more every day.” – M.S.


Core Values

Connection, Integrity, Faith


Gallup Strengths

Individualization, Arranger, Maximizer, Communication, Positivity


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