People have said that I wear “rose colored glasses” when it comes to the world around me and actions of others. In the past this is something I have taken offense to. Digging my heals in and insisting that I do see the real situation but secretly wondering if they’re right, that I am completely missing something.

But as I’ve grown I’ve come to realize, I just see them from a different angle. Just because you see someone who appears lazy, I see someone who is broken inside and struggling with their day. Or someone that has been asked to do something they want to help with but don’t have the confidence to say I can’t. This doesn’t mean we are seeing them wrong. They may absolutely come across to each of us in that way.

In general, I do believe we should assume positive intention and give people the benefit of the doubt. Why not? This is what I hope they would give me. As a fairly self-aware person I do realize that deep down there may be an anterior motive, but it usually stems from a place of self preservation, not intention to harm.

Maybe they’re right, but I wish you’d try on a pair.

My spirit can only take so much, I tend to look the other way with the majority of information shoved down my throat on the daily.

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